FpVTE2012 Validation

The contents of this validation package aims to help prepare your code for submission to NIST's FpVTE2012 evaluation.


  1. Install the libbiomeval RPMs (rpm -ihv ./rpm/*).
  2. Run make at the root of this validation package to build linking the "Null SDK." This SDK simply returns successfully from each method.
  3. Copy your library into the "lib" directory at the root of this validation package, changing the value of LIBSDK on line 20 of ./src/drivers/Makefile to the name of your library submission, so that it may be properly linked to the validation drivers.
  4. Run ./scripts/class_[abc].sh and encrypt and send the resulting .tar.gz to fpvte@nist.gov


The following is a sample walkthrough of the validation step for a Class A participant. Unless otherwise specified, all commands are run from the root of the validaiton package (the directory containing this README).

  1. Install RPMs
  2. Build validation driver with nullSDK
  3. Build and copy participant library, libFpVTE12_TEST_A_1_1.so to ./lib
  4. Change ./src/drivers/Makefile to link against participant library
  5. Relink the validation driver
  6. Run the Class A validation script
  7. Encrypt the resulting tar file and send to NIST.




A make at the root of this package will build everything, linking the nullSDK to the validation drivers. Change the name of the library to the name of your SDK on line 20 of ./src/drivers/Makefile to exercise your own code.


Please e-mail fpvte@nist.gov.

17 July 2012